Morgan’s Project

Our family recipe blog was featured as a Main Course in a YW Personal Development Project.

Morgan does a lot of the testing.. cooking.. and photo taking, here, too.

Morgan’s project focused on five main areas:

  • WOW – Word of Wisdom Friendly (Less Meat, Grains, and Meatless)
  • DOG – Dinner on the Grounds (Pot Luck Friendly)
  • MAM – Make a Mix
  • SUN – Sabbath Friendly
  • CAN – Pantry meals, mostly from Canned Goods

Her next big project is to help build the Macro Studio Box for better Food Photos.  Can you feel our excitement? :)

If you are here, from that project, you can find many of the recipes presented here.

If you’d like another copy of the yummy tortillas recipe, you can find at our other blog: Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz.

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